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iVerde donates pendant silver lindens to Dutch Embassy in Paris

PRESS RELEASE In Paris every year the Dutch Ambassador’s official party celebrating the King’s birthday counts as one of the main diplomatic events in spring. On April 29th Ambassador Ed Kronenburg will invite relations from the diplomatic, governmental and (French as well as Dutch) entrepreneurial circles. The main theme of this year’s celebration is: sustainability. The iVerde Foundation, initiator of the Green City project in the Netherlands, takes this opportunity to stress once again the importance of trees in the urban environment, by offering two (typical Dutch) pendant silver linden trees to plant in the garden of the Dutch Ambassador’s residence. The two trees draw the attention to the necessity of cleaner air in our cities and the essential contribution of plants and trees in this respect. Many French cities are suffering from air pollution caused by fine particles. By promoting the Green City philosophy, iVerde aims to help improve the green environment in cities worldwide. The iVerde foundation, which was set up by organisations of the green sector in the Netherlands, is exploring options for cooperation with potential partners in France, in order to improve relationships between Dutch and French green enterprises.

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